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The villagers of Stormlook are at their cliff’s edge. One of their own went missing. Another turned up dead. Their fish stocks are dwindling, and they’re hungry to blame one group: the selkie, a people who can transform between human and seal.

Stormlook's leader asks for your help to traverse the Captiva Icemark, a perilous ice shelf, and establish contact with the selkie. Will you swear upon iron to complete this journey and bring peace between both communities, or will you succumb to the icy depths? Play to find out.

Module features

  • A 2-4 hour one-shot for Shawn Tomkin's Ironsworn, suitable for solo, co-op, and guided play
  • A new delve site, the Captiva Icemark, complete with a denizens matrix and suggested encounters
  • 2 new Ironsworn foes: the selkie and walrus
  • 1 new artifact: Phelphia's pelt
  • 6 major NPCs and 6 locations between 2 settlements
  • 1 iron vow that will lead your hero through a perilous journey and inter-community tensions
  • Optional Ironsworn: Delve support with guidelines for non-Delve play

Content notes

This text contains the following themes: violence, natural disasters, drowning, starvation, murder, kidnapping, war, familial conflict, violence against animals, the undead, characters exoticizing other cultures, and potentially mob violence. Of note, the story revolves around fantasy xenophobia that can be read as an allegory for anti-indigenous racism or colonialism.

More information

This module was written for the RPG Writer Workshop course "Write Your First Adventure | Fall 2021," as taught by Storytelling Collective.

Photo Credit: Cover photo by Marc Grove on Unsplash


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